Yes, it should be removed. Although the casing is edible it’s not very pleasant and its texture is tough to chew.
First, slice off the end. Second, make a slit through the casing down the center. Peel back the casing and then cut slices about the thickness of a nickel.
It is a combination of white mold and wild yeast. They are harmless and edible and are similar to that found on good cheeses. It is introduced to the salami during the fermentation stage and helps to keep the casing from drying out. It also adds a depth of flavor and helps defend against harmful bacteria.
Although salami can be stored at room temperature, once it has been cut open it is best to refrigerate it. Simply place unused portion in a sealable plastic bag, or rewrap it in the butcher paper it was purchased in. We don’t recommend wrapping it tight with plastic wrap because it will continue to lose moisture and this moisture will become trapped and cause the salami to feel slimy. Very unpleasant.
It will actually last for several months; however, for the best quality it should be eaten within 4 weeks. Besides, how could you wait so long to enjoy good salami?
Yes, all of our salumi products are gluten free.
Yes. It is used to make salami safe. Whole muscle cures such as Prosciutto, Coppa, and Guanciale do not contain nitrates.
No. Although some manufacturers use non-fat dry milk as a binder, we do not.

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